Rene Medrano was featured in the March 22 edition of SoapBox at the Hillyer Art Space in which the performances draw inspiration from clothing and fashion. Below is a blurb that was on the pamphlet for the performance.

"Rene Medrano: Performing in a busted homespun couture, DC-based Rene Medrano professes a raging fervor as the fabricated character of Suldoga. "SULDOGA," a fashion performance, balances between genres of high and low art, theater and performance, masculine and feminine. In spite of personal inclination, the performance generates greater ideas about identity, judgement, and social stereotypes. The performance relates a certain solemnity through several layers of theatricality in synergy of references including haute couture assembly, genderfuck drag, and spoken-word poetry. The fashion, a collection of seductive surfaces that attest to the superficiality of gender assignment and societal role-playing, is brought to life through movement and speech. The piece is a narrative nude of existence despite its garishness by becoming an amplified version of nakedness. Common of Medrano’s work "SULDOGA" consists of a thoughtful concept addressing austere subject matter told thorugh the humor and charm of glamorous materiality. "SULDOGA" is a spectacle of declarative fury, complex imagery, and ultimately a testament to the skin we all live in….."